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South Dakota community uses money from Risperdal lawsuit for behavioral health

November 21st, 2014

A South Dakota community is using money from an illegal marketing Risperdal lawsuit to fun behavioral health services. The state budgeted $280,000 over two years for the Lewis and Clark Behavioral Health Services and other programs to improve behavioral health for kids and their families.

The state was awarded money as a result from improper marketing of Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug used heavily in state-run foster care. Risperdal manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals allegedly promoted the drug for unapproved uses, eventually paying millions of dollars to multiple states for violating consumer protection laws.

Janssen and parent company Johnson & Johnson now face multiple Risperdal lawsuits alleging that the drugs caused gynecomastia, or breast tissue growth, in young men and boys. The drug has been found to increase a hormone known as prolactin for an indefinite period of time, which can result in the excess breast tissue growth.

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