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Pediatrician says Risperdal manufacturers altered study

August 30th, 2015

The top pediatrician at a Canadian children’s hospital has accused Janssen Pharmaceuticals of altering a Risperdal study he co-authored in 2003. Doctor Denis Daneman says that the article he co-authored featured significant information about potential Risperdal side effects, but that the published version of the article omits that information.

The integrity of the article was raised during a recent Risperdal lawsuit in which a patient alleges that Janssen and parent company Johnson & Johnson knew of the risks of Risperdal side effects, including unwanted breast tissue growth in boys and male adolescents. In a recent report, expert witness and former U.S. Food and Drug Administration head David Kessler included the edited article as proof of drug companies manipulating information to hide safety issues.

Multiple lawsuits allege that Risperdal use led to gynecomastia, or the development of breast tissue in male children. Recently, a Philadelphia man was awarded $2.5 million in a Risperdal lawsuit when he developed size 46DD breasts after being give Risperdal to treat symptoms of ADHD as a child.


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