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Janssen Pharmaceuticals accused of hiding Risperdal side effects

November 18th, 2015

Janssen Pharmaceuticals and parent company Johnson & Johnson have been accused of hiding evidence of Risperdal side effects since 2003. The companies reportedly omitted information from a study that found a link between Risperdal and an increased risk of breast tissue growth among boys and male adolescents.

The study was one of 44 used by Janssen to promote the antipsychotic drug for use in children, and based on information it was given, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the drug for irritability in autistic children in 2006. The published study was changed to exclude findings that Risperdal increased levels of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for breast tissue growth.

According to Forbes, when two of the authors discovered the study was altered, they requested to have their names withdrawn, but were denied. Three of the other authors were Janssen employees. The unreported association between Risperdal and breast growth in boys was never reported to the FDA.

Multiple men have come forward with Risperdal lawsuits alleging that the drug gave them breasts, some as large as 46DD. Recently, a 20-year old Alabama man was awarded $2.5 million after he began taking Risperdal at age 12 and eventually developed breasts.




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