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Kentucky settles Risperdal lawsuit

March 15th, 2016

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has settled a Risperdal lawsuit with the drug’s manufacturer for $15.5 million. The lawsuit alleged that Johnson & Johnson hid information about Risperdal side effects from doctors and patients while illegally marketing the drug for unapproved uses.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway said in a statement that Johnson & Johnson “knowingly and aggressively marketed a drug they knew to be harmful in order to drive profits.” The Risperdal lawsuit specifically pointed out that children and the elderly were most likely to be affected by the antipsychotic’s side effects.

Risperdal has been found to cause increased breast tissue growth in boys and male adolescents, a condition known as gynecomastia. Boys who are given Risperdal to treat bipolar disorder and ADHD may unknowingly be at an increased risk of growing breasts. Several Risperdal breast growth lawsuits over the past year have found J & J responsible for a young boy’s breast tissue growth.


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